Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Seon - Endless Love

So I very rarely listen to foreign music, especially Asian music since I have this weird anti-kpop/jpop sentiment that probably stems from growing up in a town where the fan base was pretty big and sometimes really obnoxious - and while I totally respect everyone’s music choices, it kinda ruined the genre for me. My only experience with Chinese music is what my parents listen to - most of which is not bad but I just never really made an effort with it.

The other day I was in a cab. We were stuck in traffic in the tunnel under the Huangpu river, and the radio was on pretty loud, and I was staring at raindrops on my window. Then suddenly this amazing song comes on and I was just like WOAH THIS SONG IS BEAUTIFUL AND SOUNDS SO FAMILIAR WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL FEELING. But I never got the name or artist and I later forgot the melody. So just now I sat and googled shit for like an hour until I finally found it. And here it is. I am so happy.

Good music transcends language.